What can Base Media offer?

Base Media employs a multidisciplinary team specializing in all necessary formats that social media requires. Our team will handle all your needs by producing content through the use of:  

We will find content from different sources (newspapers, magazines, videos, etc) related to your brand and its goals to then share them on your social media pages ultimately providing value to the customers for free.  

Photography sessions will be provided by our team to meet the expectantions of your brand.  

Filming sessions are included with our monthly service. The content will be recorded and edited by the agency and the result will be a full length video into different clips with a total length of 4 minutes.  

Additionally, we will also provide micro content. Which are snippets of a full length video that provide more opportunities to reach your audience.  

The planning, execution and filming equipment will be provided by the agency but we will not assume the costs to produce content (renting of a location, actors, transport, etc)  

What is our Process?

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What kind of equipment do we utilize?

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