What is Branding?  

Is the process by which a company develops a specific image that reflects who you are as a business as well as creating a strong connection with your target audience.  


Why do I need branding?  

Don’t be just a 1 in a million company. Branding allows you to stand out in your highly competitive market by establishing a unique presence. In order for your customers to buy your product/service, they need to believe you provide the most value. The best way to achieve this is through creating a powerful brand.   

Aside from this, by connecting with your audience you can begin to build trust. Keep your customers coming back for more, and increase brand awareness in the long run.   

What does Base Media offer?

Industry and Competitor Analysis 

Monitoring your competitors is essential to developing a strategy that will allow your business to create and sustain a competitive advantage. We provide a deep and thorough analysis of social media usage in the industry as a whole and deconstruct the practices of other major businesses.  

Brand Positioning  

We determine how the company should be perceived by consumers to maximize brand awareness and profits. 

Short and long-term strategic communication goals 

In order for a marketing strategy to succeed it is imperative that clear short- and long-term goals are developed. We will collaborate with your business to ensure that your goals align with the vision you have. 

Content Initiatives 

Taking into account the previous information we will outline different distribution channels and content types the company should utilize. 

These may include: 

       ► Photos 

       ► Videos 

       ► Blogs 

       ► Facebook Live Streams 

       ► Influencers Posts 

       ► Instagram & Snapchat Stories 

       ► Cinemagraphs 

       ► GIFS 

       ► Graphic Designs 

       ► Content Curation 

       ► Animations 

       ► Others